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  1. ZonixxFN

    Wow Frenchie Fries in london that means no more videos for a while😭😭


    do u still live in Miami tho?

  3. joshua nava

    9:56 LMAOOO Jarvis

  4. DRTH clan

    "Mikael le him you wont"

  5. Lost Bazza

    Lil bro say he wanna fight oh now Jarvis will first round knockout Frazier

  6. YoZIPP

    This boxer got banned on fortnite?

  7. Jared Storm

    Jarvis should have did like he got knocked out then get up just kidding

  8. duck cool

    why aren't your doors locked

  9. Thomas Lang

    I thought he kidnapped him🤣

  10. yoyo master

    You had a weird reaction That made it better it shows that the support you had fro your brother was more than most people have

  11. Johns Tube

    I was waiting to see ur father >3 dude

  12. Levi Clark

    did yall recognize the sound in 1:47

  13. Sebasyy

    7:35 SUS

  14. Emma gamer 🔱

    🥰 Jarvis + sommer ray 🥰

  15. Wazi Ullah Tanshen

    If that's justin Bieber then I am Michael jackson

  16. Thomas Ristau

    POV those Jordan’s are worth more than 10k

  17. Flawless _


  18. Kyxro

    maybe we can show your face .... no

  19. Wavy Capalot

    3:22 tf is teawap looking at???

  20. Unwept

    Anyone else see the gorilla at 2:31??

  21. Lindsay Bartlett

    Jarvis will escape

  22. SVG Ashton

    1 million wtf didnt know that they did that

  23. Skull

    My name is Yousef that is funny 😄

  24. SehajTheProdigy

    O Canada

  25. SevenAutumn


  26. Riley Excell

    Bro Jarvis be 200 pumping everyone 😂

  27. Dude with a Boner

    At the metal part of the video it sounded so weird

    1. Dude with a Boner

      (Kay) I try the little side I need to try the big one

    2. Dude with a Boner

      (Kay) This is the hardest think I have did in my life

    3. Dude with a Boner

      (Jarvis) yeah like that so much better

  28. CaelanFN

    i’m not crying… you are. 🥲

  29. Geevan Kolacherril

    I wonder if Kay And Jarvis can speak in Nepali..

  30. Jan Colic

    Kay im unsubing

  31. Yuval Bareket

    still banned on fortnite

  32. Hulk TV


  33. Cody Gibson

    5 months ago but u have more respect for jarvis than ever because of his juice wrld jumper

  34. Shaheena Awan

    I love you Fazes

  35. Megan Mays

    your realy crackt faze kay

  36. it's ya boyyy Aaron

    Faze Kay is like My dad when he go's to My basketball Game evrytime i do something good he just screms My name


    1:09 we get our first ennit 💪💪

  38. SVG Ashton

    How much money do they have❤the vids

  39. Ty Denise

    5:26 his laugh😭

  40. Nelaes

    4:43 that scream, omg im dying😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Drslow


  42. NoMercy B4jr4m

    yes you should bc i live in Orlando ! I really like to meet u guys !

  43. corbin wyant

    do it fl is crazy!

  44. Bluff_ Rick

    I saw the Easter egg

  45. TricycleBTW

    im scared about if they would be let back as there is new covid regulations

  46. Feelsof4

    I got emotional cause of how they were rooting him on and how proud they are of him I love you and ur family and the faze clan so so much

  47. Keegan Morrison

    Move to miami

  48. Rogan Hamilton

    Move to Miami its a vibe

  49. Beza Amanu Nadew

    sheeeesh u got 6 million

  50. Tencent


  51. Yousef shorts


  52. meme B with rockabilly mortis icon


  53. D1rRt FN

    U should have run in with toilet paper and mess the whole classroom up with paint

  54. Dalmook Hasher

    find a way to buy the old house back

  55. Jaymir Eggleston

    And she is a girl

  56. Caiden Grant

    Anyone else notice they left the phone controller moniter and laptop in the class after they left?

  57. BeastEndo 56

    Hold up I look this video says he 16 then theirs a video same year saying he’s 18

  58. pat cake


  59. Brady Bryant

    Idk why she lets faze Kay film in class

  60. Aznee

    That's insane bro.

  61. Juan Rivera

    Kay I feel like was jealous of jarvy

  62. Jeon Junquan

    I couldn’t even see any footages, but great video and great job on the win Jarvis.

  63. sukhabir singh

    thats not justin btw

  64. Stephen miecel monster scott

    Yo I’m the best at fornight I have 99 kills in a solo game

  65. Micah Eyman

    Is that really Justin 🤔

  66. mohit nagpal

    If this is actually Justin so why isn’t it speaking

  67. Elijah Black

    No stay in Vegas

  68. Lag Out


  69. Lag Out

    100% win record and a 1 fight fight record

  70. ff gaming

    Clix toxic bri

  71. Zak Lundy

    good aimbot jarvis

  72. Jace T

    Props to camera man he’s cracked at hiding

  73. 💙[ chuy ]💙

    U should visit the sidemen

  74. Miabella Gutierrez



    my pc is from pcspecialist

  76. Ryan

    Imagine this comment gets pinned

  77. Lovey Stephens

    The way Frazier was saying Jarvis

  78. 0_mr.apple_0

    On megga I thought it was zisc

  79. oscarito oscar

    Oscar has the same name as me my name also oscar

  80. Happy Moolman

    Bro 100x10=1000